Welcome to NAF Homes

Connecting home buyers and sellers with
trusted real estate agents nationwide.

Welcome to

NAF Homes

Connecting home buyers and sellers with
trusted real estate agents nationwide.

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What we do

NAF Homes Benefits

NAF Homes is a service that matches prequalified or preapproved homebuyers
and sellers with local real estate agents and agencies.

Our Agents

Client Support
During your home searching process, our agents will guide you through the ins and outs of your local market.
Real Estate Knowledge
Agents in the NAF Homes network have a minimum of 2 years of experience in your market, and utilize that knowledge to guide you in making the right decisions.
NAF Homes is a highly advanced real estate network. We expect the representing agents to utilize the technology and resources we provide them. Therefore, making your experience an excellent one.
Our agents understand how important high-level communication is throughout the home buying process. NAF Homes requires them to return all phone calls and emails promptly.
Client Experience
Your experience is our number one priority at NAF Homes. Our agents are consistently being evaluated on client experience.
We hold our agents to the highest expectations of professionalism during the buying or selling of your home.
Quick Results

Three Simple Steps

Finding a real estate agent is easy. Finding a true professional is not, NAF Homes' unique technology
platform analyzes local data to match client’s with real estate agents nationwide.
Start Online Profile
Simply fill out your online profile.
Agent Selection Process
Speak with your NAF Homes Coordinator who will select an agent.
Start Home Search
Meet your high-level local agent and start your customized home search.

Your NAF Homes Coordinator

Personal Coordinator
NAF Homes understands that purchasing a home is a difficult process. Knowing that, we assign a personal purchase coordinator to each and every client.
Your personal coordinator will support you through your home purchase or selling process. Their entire focus is making certain your experience is hassle-free.
NAF Homes coordinators have been trained to understand every step of buying or selling your home. Rest assured, if you have questions, we know where to find the answers!